Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A Box of Junk

Sometimes when we go to an auction, we come away with things we had no intention of bidding on--let alone owning.

Auctioneers cannot possibly know everything about everything they sell.  We frequent an auctioneer who works on high volume and not enough staff.  Recipe for a great auction in our book!!

With this particular auction, if the bids are not there for a particular item, he just keeps adding and adding stuff to the pile and when he gets some bidding, he sells the pile.

We came home recently with a box of pottery and glass and jumble--the "Are Not Selling Anymore" category of items.  Before I took the load to the charity resale shop in which I volunteer-I thought I would give the stuff a look over.
Yeah--a bunch of just stuff--but also some interesting platters, teapots and miscellaneous pottery.  What you don't see in the picture--was already in the house-- a fiesta batter bowl, an asian vase and a great ironstone platter.

Included in the lot was a french "sort of naughty" porcelain plate (perfect for serving hors'doeuvres) and a transferware bird teapot that is now gracing a collection on a rustic table in our garden.

Sometimes when a person wins a bunch of stuff they don't want--they leave it on the auction wagon or table for the auctioneer to scoop up and throw away at the end of the auction.  Our rule?  Bring it ALL home and decide what do do with it from the tailegate of the truck.  The garage for inventory, the charity boxes and the garbage are close at hand to help with the sorting.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Wanna Buy a Lighthouse?

I was flipping through the want ads in the back of Preservation Magazine the other day.  Usually there are real estate listings of a variety of residential and commercial properties in various states of repair all across the country.  Would you like to own an 1780 inn in Virginia?  How about a cabin in the wilds of Upper Michigan?  Some properties are being sold for a song and you have to relocate them.

What caught my eye were the lighthouses.  You can actually buy a lighthouse from the US government at https://realestatesales.gov

The US government holds online auctions and anyone can buy a lighthouse.  Some of the already sold ones have onsite apartments for you to live in..  Some still contain navigational safety equipment that will continue to operate even after you purchase it.

Take for example Greens Ledge Light Station . https://realestatesales.gov/gsaauctions/aucitsrh/?sl=BOSTN116008001

"Greens Ledge Light Station (1902) is an offshore sparkplug style light and an active navigational aid marking the entrance to Norwalk Harbor and Greens Ledge. It is at the southwest end of the Norwalk Islands, a mile south of the entrance to Five Mile River at Rowayton, Connecticut.
The cast iron tower is 52 feet tall with four interior stories including a brick basement and cistern.  The interior is lined with brick to strengthen the tower, which was built on a cast iron foundation with a concrete caisson.  The fourth floor has six porthole windows.  The watch room/lantern room measures seven feet in diameter"

The Lantern Room?  How incredibly romantic. The seven feet in diameter could be problematic. Not sure about the logistics of getting back and forth to civilization--for groceries and to return your library books.  Never mind.  I am keeping my eyes open for one with really good foghorns...


Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Stuff Dreams are Made Of...

Food with Friends, The Art of Simple Gatherings is a new cookbook by writer and photographer Leela Cyd.

The photography is stunning.  The recipes are creative.  Too bad I do not have friends who would enjoy this type of food.

The cookbook has beautiful and luscious photos throughout.  The recipes focus on sweets, many have ingredients that are not found at your average Kroger and have a decidedly feminine feel to them--the stuff of cooking fantasies.  Think lots of PINK.

A few recipes to peruse--Sugar Cookies with Edible Flowers, Lemon Lavender French Toast, Rhubarb Rose Floats (be sure and make the candied rose petals!),  and Pistachio Rose Clouds.  Not the stuff of your backyard BBQ.  Or on the food palettes of any men I know.

The author explains that these are special recipes to make for friends that will make them feel special.  What friend would not feel special with a recipe containing bee pollen???  I can see these special treats being made for girls' tea party birthday party.  Why not give Think Pink Faloodas a try?

Ms. Cyd does not fill the book with photos of herself like other cookbook authors do--her food and photos shine.  Would I love to have time to try some of the recipes?  You Bet!!  Would I love to shop in a grocery that stocks Nigella seeds??--but alas!

This would make a lovely coffee table book--and a fine page through on a cold winter day when  you are eager to welcome spring.

Thank you to Blogging For Books who provided me with a copy for this review.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Another Trip To Odana Antiques

The summer has a been a great selling time Odana.  Trust me--this mall is the best in the midwest--and the amount of items brought in daily by the front door equals the amount of items sold out the back loading dock.
 Ooops. Too late.  This danish style teak and leather chair sold this morning.
Marked Old Hickory of Indiana three piece porch set--all original and sound.
One of two cinnabar colored chinese cabinet doors that look great hung on a wall.
 Many styles that work together.
Heading up this week again--you never know what you will find.  Ask for Little Bohemia Antiques--Booth 33.  Thanks for looking.

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