Saturday, April 25, 2015

A Day In the Country

Dear One and I spent a day in the country yesterday--enjoying friends and fresh air and flowers and clearing our heads from a pretty intense week.
We started at the small garden antiques fair at Blumen Gardens in Sycamore.  We met up with four friends and moved on to a delish breakfast nearby.  How do you say omlettes the size of hubcaps at Eggsclusive Cafe??  Hey--this is farm country and you need your energy.  We yucked it up with Bob and Jan and Frank and Richard-- two couples with many stories to tell and always happy to hear ours.  We are all antiques dealers and there are always a million stories.

Then--on to the best kept secret in western Illinois.  DerbyLine Greenhouse in Genoa Illinois--located on--wait for it-- Derby Line Road.

Run--do not walk here.  Last year--our plants did not stop blooming from April to frost.  The healthiest, biggest and I might add So Incredibly Reasonably Priced Plants in the western suburbs area. We bought geraniums, grasses, about 6 varieties of coleus, etc etc-- healthy great plants.  This year we loaded up the truck.  I will not shop for annuals any other place.  Huge zonal geraniums in many colors for $3.00 a pot.  Does that say enough??

Thanks friends.  Great day.

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