Friday, February 21, 2014

Fly The Flag

It is a long way to an "official flag flying holiday" but I have a real love of American flag vintage items.

A visiting friend recently pointed out that the flag we were flying next to the house was getting shredded by the wind.  I have to admit--this is a winter of scurrying back and forth to the car--and when all this snow melts, we will all see the carnage it has rendered on our yards and gardens.  And flagpoles.  I had not looked up at the flag for a long while.  Shame on me.
Dear Husbola never buys one of anything.  So I knew when I told him we needed a new flag for the pole that he would have to just go into "The Catastrophe Known as Our Garage" and fish one out of someplace.  Yup.  A new flag is now flying next to our house..

The picture above is of a great condition embroidered Old Glory flag--46 stars I think--that would have started life as a decorative pillow case.  The color is spectacular and not faded--.  The yellow fronds are "amber waves of grain" I think.

At auctions, I have found that auctioneers when presented with a current flag  to sell never auction them off--they always give them away to an attendee.  Kind of like a Bible--seems kind of odd to sell a Bible or a flag.  But the vintage renditions can go for big bucks.  Keep your eye out for flag collectibles.  Always a good seller.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Doctor is In

Quirky. One of a Kind.  Items you can't get anyplace else.  That is what we strive for in our antiques business.

The best kind of inventory is the kind that we least expect to find and that surprises us when we do find it.  Like this unusual collection that we just place at our space at the Odana Antique  Mall in Madison Wisconsin.
The celadon beauty is a 1950s psychiatrist couch from the old University Hospitals in Madison. Chrome legs and white piping.  We just viewed a campy horror flick called The Alligator People from 1959.  There is an identical couch in that movie.

The salmon pink chair is also naugahyde and has nail heads.  Maybe the Shrink could sit there.

And the oil painting of the nude.  Maybe she is the cause of the patient having to make a psychiatrist visit????!!!!!!

I told you we seek out odd things!  Our space at Odana is filled with fresh items sure to help you beat cabin fever.  By the looks of it--and the scores of people who have been shopping lately, everybody is ready to be out and about and rejoining the human race.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Push The Season to Valentine's Day

If there is one word of wisdom that I have heard my mother say 10000 times--"Do Not Wish Your Life Away."  This was generally told to me if I was too eager for an upcoming event or date and just wanted time to move really fast and the special day to arrive.  I now see why my mother said that.  Precious life moves way too quickly.

I listen to this advice--with the exception of the anticipation of Valentine's Day.
I am pushing the Valentine's season.  At least as far as a little decorating goes.  I have to be focusing on late winter and early spring.
Part of the look includes some milk glass candlesticks and some bobeches with crystal dangles.  Do you know bobeches?? (bow-beh-shay) They are the french thin glass pieces that fit over tapers that catch drips.  These are terrific with some early 1900s crystal drops on them.  More from  the collection of Recently Received Grandmother Items.

This little bronze cupid sits on a plinth--complete with bow and arrow.  He lends some whimsey to the blue willow pitcher with tulips, the limoges heart box and a reclining putti figure from France.

Only thing missing is the valentine chocolate.  That will have to wait.  Don't wish your life away.

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