Monday, April 22, 2019

No More Concrete or Cast Iron Please

Dear One  and I spend many good hours wandering around looking for quirky things to sell.  There is nothing that makes a dealer smile more than to have a browser or a customer comment on our stock at the shop or at a show.  "You have a good eye."  What a compliment.

But no more concrete items.  No more cast iron treasures.  Dear One has spoken.

Oh-- now you are just like me I know that.  You see wonderful statuary or bird baths or sundials and say--what patina!!  What form!!  Must buy.

Nope.  No more.  Advancing years (!) ailing backs or the threat of strained muscles makes the dictate full of reason.  My head says--of course we should not buy that.  Too hard to transport.  Too awkward to lift and haul.
But my heart says, "maybe I can find someone to help us lift this into the truck...."

Monday, April 15, 2019

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Spring Look Spring Shows

Finally it is time to start showing fresh spring merchandise in our shop and shows.  Out with the brown, in the with greens and COLOR!

Next up:  The quirky Elkhorn Antique Market in May.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Thank You Mr. Ground Hog

Oh my goodness, it is time to be looking toward spring and spring antique shows and opening flea markets and good outdoor auctions.

Yes, it is only February.  But--all indications  are that the nationwide collection of ground hogs have not seen their shadows and spring will be early this year.  I am tired of the talk of sub zero temperatures and why ice melt salt does not work when it is so cold and seeing film of news reporters outside with lips frozen to their hand held microphones and hearing yet again that your hands will fall off in two minutes if not covered.  ENOUGH ALREADY.

It is winter, People.  Upper Midwest.  Nature has cycles.  This is a cold one.  To those who scream (and it usually is screamed) CLIMATE CHANGE,  I would like just one question answered.  The temperature records we are now breaking from the 19th and early 20th century--what did people call those extreme temperature swings back then????

Here are a few pictures from our most recent Cedar Rapids Midwest Antiques and Art  Show.  Next Show is April 7.  Well worth your time to attend this one day show.

So, for right now,  keep those gloves on and get ready for a good vintage pickin' year!!  Spring is in sight!!

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Ma'am, Do You Have Firearms in Your Bag???

Dear One and I have returned from a trip to the American West and one of our most favourite states. (can you guess from the picture???) Three weeks of traipsing around retina popping scenery, staying in a variety of lovely and some quirky accommodations, and enjoying some seriously delicious food.  We travel at our own pace, seeing sights that we choose and letting the serendipity of each day unfold.

Since we flew to point west and rented a car rather than driving our own car from home, antiquing was going to be of the window shopping variety and not the throw it in the back of the hatch variety.  DARN.

HOWEVER, not to be completely paralyzed,  we did find a way to ship home a fabulous rustic sign and pick up a few things that fit into our carry on suitcases.  All proceeding well, until we stopped into a vintage shop on the doorstep of one of Our National Parks.
Bullseye-- a gorgeous, labelled heavy english leather vintage 1920s suitcase.  Patina to squeal about.  Price incredible.  Had to have it.  And Dear One suggested we could buy it and use it to pack other smalls we bought along the way, and then use it as our free check in on the way home.  Winner winner chicken dinner!

Great plan.  The case was heavy and the locks worked and did not lock.  We had brought a TSA approved locking luggage strap, so we were in good shape to keep our case and purchases safe.

Fast forward to airport check in for the journey home.  Early morning flight, first in TSA line in an airport the size of an Aldi store. Conversation went thusly:

Agent:  Good morning ma'am.  Do you have firearms in that bag?
Me:  Wwwwwwwwhat??  No-no I do not.  Dirty underwear and small purchases.
Agent:  Does this case lock?
Me:  No--it has the TSA approved strap--and the latches don't lock.  Let's open it up.
Agent:  No -that won't be necessary. (as he moved closer and definitely into my personal space)  There are no weapons in your case, is that right???
Me:   Correct.  Happy to open it--it will be pretty dense in your xray, as there are books and some metal cans.  (Hindsight--metal cans were a set of 1920s french enamelware kitchen cannisters stacked inside one another.  Note to self--do not tell TSA your luggage contains metal cans!)

FAST FORWARD to Beautiful Chicago O'Hare Airport.  Luggage Return Number 9.  Yup, you guessed it.  No suitcase.

Finally Dear One checked his phone.  Text message from TSA that my suitcase had been sent to Chicago on an earlier plane and was being held in the unclaimed luggage cage.  WHAT???  I thought passenger luggage had to travel on the plane you flew on--at least that is the way it used to be.

Alls well as I find an agent who reunited me with Mr. Fine English Leather.  At least I think it was my case as it was covered in  blue and white stickie TSA tape and a limp rainbow luggage strap.  Upon opening, there was enough paper disclaimer literature to kindling a bonfire.

The lengths we go to to find good inventory, huh???

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Fresh Vintage Looks for Autumn

Cooler weather means a reset and revamp for Elizabeth Kucera Antiques at the Odana Antique Mall.  A recent day at the shop meant a redesign courtesy of Dear Husbola.

For September, we have added a wall of modestly priced art. 
And this way cool piece--from a Buffalo Wyoming ranch estate sale--a billiard/pool cue holder and a large collection of cues made of different woods and designs--all sold together as one look.

As the weather gets cooler--folks seem to be awakened from a sleepy August--and are out and about looking for something to freshen their home.  Dealers are roaming around looking for items to sell in their fall and winter shows.

And we promise no pumpkin spice potpourri at anyplace in the shop!!

No More Concrete or Cast Iron Please

Dear One  and I spend many good hours wandering around looking for quirky things to sell.  There is nothing that makes a dealer smile more t...