Monday, May 29, 2017

There is Something About a Bottle of Soda

 Or is it bottle of pop?

It certainly depends on where you were brought up.

There are certain things that reside in my memories of Memorial Day's past--and one of them is drinking soda out of a glass bottle--and not with the twistie off cap--but with the bottle opener that had the pointy thing for opening cans on one side and the not sharp end for flipping off soda bottle tops.  It was attached by a string to a tree at my Grandma's summer cottage.

A ritual for the memorial holiday--which was the real kick off to summer--was to buy an 8-pack of soda bottles.  Soda was not a usual drink at our house--but summer meant one could drink it sometimes without guilt.  And you never poured it into a glass--you just kept it ice cold and got to swig it out of the bottle.  If you did not finish it--it got a funny plastic plug thing jammed in the top and put in the fridge till next time.  But it was never as good as the first swigs when the carbonation was full on.

When the 8- pack was empty--you took it back to the store--and put it in a wire rack or in a little window by the store office--and I think you got 40 cents refund. Talk about recycling!

I guess you can buy limited edition soda in bottles today--but they get dropped into your recycling bin when empty.  A nod to yesteryear is that some soda manufacturers have gone back to making beverages with real sugar--not the corn syrups that make the taste so "meh".

Our beverage of choice this Memorial Day?  Actually--it might be a gin and tonic before supper!!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Upcycle? Never Say Never!

I am the person that you never want to give a paint brush to.  Dear One told me early on in our marriage that my painting would be limited to the inside of closets.

Not any more!!  I have graduated!!  I am Queen of Chalk Paint!!

We purchased several "blonde" 1950s small dressers.  They are very solid and dovetailed and have great plated hardware.  And we priced them super reasonably.  But they are slow movers.  The color was --well--"meh".

So--I toddled myself to Ace Hardware and bought two colors of chalk paint.  (All right--I am VERY slow to the party.)  I removed the hardware--painted the drawers a seaside blue and the frame and top and sides a dark gray.  I sealed it with a clear coat after two coats of color.  Voila!

Guess the fate of two more similar chests that are currently in storage?  Can you say a combo of Orchid and Vintage Affliction Blue?

The closets will just have to wait.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Chomping at the Bit

It has arrived!!  Farm market season in Northern Illinois.
Courtesy of Fox Trot Organic Farm in St. Charles Illinois.  Wild garlic ramps, lettuces and french breakfast radishes.  Happy happy day.

Next order of business--ramp pesto for later in the week  and a delish salad with my new favorite dressing--white balsamic, dijon, honey and salt and pepper and good olive oil.  A VERY happy day.

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