Monday, November 5, 2012

Antique Tin Ceiling Tile Patina

There are two words that strike more pure glee in an antique dealer's heart than any others.

"Original Surface".

I am no exception.  If I can buy items with their original time worn surface or patina--all the better--and they command a premium when selling them on.

This past weekend--I went to a local auction that had many architectural items in various degrees of condition.  The auction was held in a late 1800s old storefront--and a building that had been closed up since the mid 1980s.  MOTHER LODE of patina--with plenty of free dust thrown in.

I bought three types of tin ceiling tiles.  The back alley of this store had tiles, door, shutters and other bits and bobs stacked up.  My photos might not quite do all the colors justice--but you get the idea.

A little soap and water and these pieces will be perfect.  Great old paint.  Can't fake that.

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