Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Terrific Scandinavian Trunk

I waited all day at an auction earlier this summer.  An estate auction in Town With No Name Illinois that was a true estate--wagons and wagons of "stuff" and rows upon rows of furniture in all manner of condition.  Ok furniture--but nothing special still I saw THIS.

Dated 1867.  Beautiful grain painting and super decoration--you can see the condition of the paint--and there were touches of the most terrific royal blue--you can't see these flourishes in the photo.  And pristine.  The inside of the trunk was clean, no musty fusty odors--and--drum roll please--the original lock and key.  You just never find them with the key.

We took this trunk to Odana Antique Mall in Madison--a beautiful mall with delicious quality room ready antiques.  The trunk did not last a New York Minute!  Thank you happy buyer,

Did I tell you I got TWO trunks at that auction?  To be continued...

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Our New Space at Lauren's Antiques Delavan Wisconsin

My Dear Husbola is a master in the art of diversification.

Ever since I have know him--he preaches "don't put your eggs in one basket" and he means it.  Whether it is picking stocks or planting in the yard or ordering his packages of honey bees--he believes in picking things that are very different from each other. You may not know or care--but each of our hives has a different nationality of bees.  Who knew there was a choice?  But I digress.

We are now selling in THREE shops--Odana Antiques in Madison,  On the Square Antiques in Walworth and our newest venture Lauren's Antiques and Art in Delavan Wisconsin.  Yes--the antiques and vintage trade is rough these days--trying to sell people things they do not need--but it remains a challenge and is in our blood.  Dear Husbola says we should not just count on one place to sell--what if one shop goes out of business?  SOOO, diversify we did.

Lauren's place has been around for many years--I might guess 15-ish.  She was the manager for many years and had the opportunity to purchase it a few years ago and took the plunge.  She runs a very friendly, laid back shop--and when you meet her--you get the impression nothing could surprise her or anger her.  But she is a shrew business woman with an easy laugh and smile- the shop works--and has a loyal following.  The rent is reasonable and the lease is month to month.  She has few rules--but you better follow them.

Lauren's Antiques and Art is in an old five and dime store--so it has large bright windows and a wide floor plan.  Our space is on the first floor--and "somewhere in the middle",  across from a large coin selling booth.  We took the space on July 1--and since it was so hot here these days--we made a quick trip up to put come things in--to be fine tuned later next week.  We are going to focus on vintage--and affordable--and colorful--with an uncluttered fresh look.  The shop is pretty jammed full generally--and we hope to make our statement by not being so full--so you can actually see what you are buying.  Delavan has a busy downtown--a wide brick street, cafes and close proximity to the lakes that tourists love.

You can't miss it.  Main Drag Delavan--Hwy 11-middle of the block.  South side.  A great pick around kind of shop.  Two levels.

And say Hi to Lauren.

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