Saturday, October 22, 2011

What a Difference a Day Makes

Twenty-four hours ago, Dear Husbola and I were in the Czech Republic having lunch.

My entree was fallow deer saddle with forest mushroom sauce with carmelized shallots and layered potatoes served at the restaurant of Chateau Heralec.  This followed a morning visit to the library of the  Gothic castle at Namest na Oslavou which was rebuilt in the 1500s as a stately home. After lunch, on to Cesky Sternberg -- a castle still inhabited by the original family who built it.  By the way, Count Zdenek Sternberg is 88 and still drives his car into town.

We were so blessed to be able to take an incredible,  special holiday in the Czech Republic that was sponsored by Dan's college.  We were treated to days of incredible sights, sounds, colors, cuisine, ANTIQUES and hosted by the beautiful people of this remarkable part of the world.  In the next several posts,  I will  introduce you,  Dear Readers, to the Magic of Bohemia and Moravia--and I know it will be of interest to antiquers and lovers of rich history.

Our visits and travels were planned to the finest detail by the Incredible Harriet Landseer (who I will link to her site later)  At her request, I will not be able to specifically tell which antiques are found at what location.  In October 1989  the Velvet Revolution exploded, and communism was out and the country began the incredible task of  returning private property to the original displaced private owners.  We were not on the usual tourist trail--so the privacy of who owns what will be preserved here.

So--give me a few days to let the dust settle.    If you have a bucket list--consider putting the Czech Republic on it.  Near the top.

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