Saturday, May 31, 2014

You Haven't Been to Odana Antique Mall Yet?

You haven't?  Why Not?  Here are a few views of our latest booth set up.  The shop is terrific.  Directions are in my sidebar.  Get Thee to Madison Antique Lover....

Sunday, May 25, 2014

1847 The Language of Flowers

When my great aunt died at age 90 some years ago, there were several trips made to her home in May's Lick Kentucky.  You haven't heard of May's Lick?  The Asparagus Bed of Mason County?  Incredible place.

In her belongings, there was a little box of things "no one else wanted" and me being me and loving box lots of miscellany, I took it home.

Contained inside was this little book entitled "The Language of Flowers, Poetically Expressed, Being a Complete Flora's Album"  dated 1847.  Yes--a book published 167 years ago.

This little book is filled with poems and stories about more than a 100 different types of flowers and blooms, including American Star Wort, Brambles, Candy Tuft, Fig Marigold, Dead Leaves (yes really) Love In A Mist and Snowball.

Here is a short quote from the introduction-
"Flowers are the smiles of nature and earth would seem a desert without them. How profuse is nature in the bestowment of her smiles?  They are seen on every hillside and in every valley. They cheer the traveller on his public way and the hermit in his seclusion."

The book has no author given--just initials--JSA.  So, most assuredly a woman.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Other People's Gardens

Indulge me in a few more stories of our recent spring trip to Spain.  Today I take you to a delightful old garden--where we enjoyed lovely plantings, vintage sculpture, and a seafood paella.  The warm sun, a little fresh sangria--lovely afternoon.

 Lovely garden nestled at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

 Yummy seafood paella made in a pan the size of an 18 wheeler truck tire.
Our delightful host.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Other People's Houses

It is a curious thing.

I seem to remember while growing up--that most if not almost all social interaction went on in people's homes.  My childhood homes, friends homes--you did not go out--nobody had money to go out--you went to other people's homes.  And they came to ours.  Just to talk.  For a piece of pie maybe.  For in impromptu dinner.  Just easy catching up.  Sometimes just sitting on the porch. Lovely afternoons.

Happily on our recent trip to Spain--we spent several lunches enjoying Other People's Houses.

Please enjoy some pictures of a delightful very English house--but it is nestled in the hills around the Costa Del Sol in southern Spain.  Gardens-great wine-antiques-fine food--and lots of spring sunshine.
 Dining Room inside.
 Dining patio outside--our choice.
 Front of house.
Back of house.
 Lemons of course--we are in Spain.
 Back garden swing.
Beautiful table.
Need I say more. 
 Still do not need to say anything.  Wine produced by hosts.
Fresh Eton Mess for dessert--FABULOUS.
English sporting antiques in one of the bathrooms.

What a day in somebody else's home.

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