Monday, August 13, 2018

The Philcast, Hippie Tom and Why We Love Elkhorn

This past weekend, Dear One and I were in the Twilight Zone--Wisconsin style-- otherwise known as our beloved Elkhorn Antiques Flea market.  We wouldn't miss it.
Each year in May, June, August and September, more than 500 dealers from the midwest converge on Elkhorn Wisconsin to unpack all types of what-cha-ma-callits with the hopes of driving an empty trailer home and have a few bucks in their pocket.

It is not just the show that is enjoyable--it is the whole package--good neighbor dealers around us, from the Tosa Twins to
Shirley and Phil,  the Saturday dinner at Moy's in
Elkhorn (egg rolls and split a hunan beef, medium spice please-- gotta split these hub cap sized portions dontcha know) and the parade of people--most shows in excess of 10,000.  And the tattoos.  LOTS of ink at Elkhorn.

A treat for Dear One and me this time was a visit by Sandy and Phil Cianciola.  Phil has been a Wisconsin radio and podcast personality for decades and I have followed his career since the late 1990s.   I first started listening to his afternoon show on WTMJ in Milwaukee, pre-computer days, when I had to contort the portable radio on the window sill to pick up the signal at our house!
Phil is a rare breed of radio guy--he is a trained journalist and over the years has developed an entertaining and genuine style that absolutely makes you smile every time you listen to him.  He is just an old soul--and his current podcasts are free from politics! We really enjoyed meeting them and chatted a good long while--seems like we have known them forever.   Best compliment I can give them is--I wish they lived next door!!  You can check out Phil's podcast at 

Every Elkhorn show we run into Hippie Tom either coming or going from supper.  Hippie Tom is  one of those colorful characters --and HE brings a smile to your face.  He was on an episode of American Pickers about eightish years ago--and people still want their picture taken with him.  Phil got an interview with him and you can hear it at

Our show started slowly--August is always a less frantic crowd--but it really picked up and we sold a record number--and more paintings than we ever have sold there.

So--two things to do.  Get yourself to the September 30th Elkorn.    You can get in on Saturday with the dealers if you pay $25 bucks.  Or wait till
Sunday and all the dealers will be set up and admission is only $5.00.  And remember to give Phil's podcast a try.

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