Friday, November 19, 2010

Favourite Things Might Not Be That Old

Please forgive the blogging delay--trips away--and another kind of trip--resulting in a broken upper arm have kept me from the computer.  Back in the saddle again--but will be hunt and peck left handed on the computer for awhile.

This week the news is full of the engagement of William and Kate--and all sorts of royal family news.  Many stories focus on the engagement ring--that fabulous sapphire ring that many of us remember on Diana's  finger in the early 1980s.  That beautiful young girl in that beautiful ring.--seems like forever ago.

In 1981,  I had the incredible fortune to attend the University of London for a graduate semester.  While I was there--November I think----Princess Diana and Prince Charles announced that they were expecting a baby.  Newspapers are hawked on every street corner in London--and that day all the paper stands had the familiar throw away promo sheet poster that screamed "Baby for Diana" 3 Page Special Evening Standard.  Riding back to my flat that night from classes at Russell Square--the Underground stopped as usual at an above ground station at South Kensington.  While alighting from the Tube (in England you do not get off a train--you alight!) I was watching as a man dashed by and jumped on the train a split second before the train roared off again.  He dropped something.  A newsprinty thing folded into quarters.  I knew what it was before I even picked it up.  One of those fabulous Baby For Diana posters.  Talk about ephemera--I imagine most were tossed out by paper vendors--but a few must have been saved.  And I have one.

I brought it back to the states--and it has been framed and has lived where I have lived since 1981.  The color remains good--in spite of being printed on low quality newsprint.  I know that it would have quite a price if I decided to sell it.  But no way--mine it remains.

That baby is now 28 years old and engaged to be married.  Antiques aren't antiques  at 28 years of age--but they can be priceless just the same.

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