Saturday, May 9, 2015

Sure Do Wonder About That Vintage Purse in Noto

Why is it that antiquers always obsess about "the one that got away."

You can be at an all day auction, come away with fabulous buys, and then mull over and over that one piece that you should have bid higher and it slipped away to another buyer.

Or the piece you see at a fair or a show--and it is priced a bit too high--you walk away and come back a minute later just in time to see it being sold to someone else.

It was not my fault.  One got away in Noto Sicily.  And I am STILL thinking about it. 

Noto is a wonderful town--made for strolling and soaking up history, eating the best granita in the world from Cafe Sicilia and noshing on wonderful deli treats and condiments at Sabbinirica.

But I keep thinking of that darn purse. 
At the end of the long main shopping street was a second hand shop--or vintage clothing shop --and it was CLOSED.  It was Saturday morning--but the shop was closed.  An adorable 1950s purse, convered in glass and plastic flowers and beads--and-- only 30 euros.  Translation--about 32 bucks.

Lovely day-adventures-food and experiences.  But I keep thinking about that darn purse.

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