Sunday, September 9, 2018

Fresh Vintage Looks for Autumn

Cooler weather means a reset and revamp for Elizabeth Kucera Antiques at the Odana Antique Mall.  A recent day at the shop meant a redesign courtesy of Dear Husbola.

For September, we have added a wall of modestly priced art. 
And this way cool piece--from a Buffalo Wyoming ranch estate sale--a billiard/pool cue holder and a large collection of cues made of different woods and designs--all sold together as one look.

As the weather gets cooler--folks seem to be awakened from a sleepy August--and are out and about looking for something to freshen their home.  Dealers are roaming around looking for items to sell in their fall and winter shows.

And we promise no pumpkin spice potpourri at anyplace in the shop!!

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