Tuesday, June 26, 2018

To Pluto and Back

We just got back from selling at Elkhorn Antique Market in Elkhorn Wisconsin.  Great weather and huge crowd makes Lady Antique Dealer a happy gal.
Elkhorn market takes place in May, June, August and September each year for the last 30-some and is owned and operated by wife and husband team extraordinaire Nona and Skip.  Elkhorn is clean, well laid out and organized to benefit the attender and the dealer alike.  We think we have been selling there for more than 10 years.  Great crowd, easy set up, Wisconsin friendly.

I say this with a smile on my face and fondness in my heart--we have been to planet Pluto and back--and that is the beauty of Elkhorn.

Fellow dealers are pleasant and happy small talk abounds.  The cares of the country and world are left at home--and topics usually include what good  (or bad) shows have you done recently, what are millennials buying these days (or not buying more like) and will the crowd be as strong as last month.

After set up--which for us involves setting up lights and hanging paintings- and advance dealer sales--we head off to Moy's in Elkhorn for chinese food.  But not before a stop in their bar for a drink made by one of two women who have been bartending for more than 25 years.  People in the know are aware you order one entree to split at Moy's. After all--this is Wisconsin Restaurant Portion Land dontcha know.

We used to stay overnight locally--but we now travel further out.  Elkhorn motels inflate their prices on flea market weekend--and Lady Antique Dealer gets nuts when she has to overpay for mediocre.

This Elkhorn, the weather was spectacular and the crowd was huge. The true definition of diversity was developed at this market.  The visual and lifestyle variety of people is worth the price of the modest $5 admission.  Just Off Their Boat Lake Geneva Types  attend as well and Young Families Pulling Junior in the Wagon Eating Popcorn at 8 am Types.  To illustrate--notably striking were the two young women dressed identically in black, one with dyed lime green hair that matched the lime green hat band and purse sported by her friend.  Tattoos?  I'll give you tattoos.  I think I saw the entire Canterbury Tales inked on the arm of one woman--or maybe it was the skyline of Milwaukee--I did not get close enough to be sure.

Gotta love it. 

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