Thursday, April 17, 2014

Some Gardens Friendly in the Climate of the Orange Blossom

Dear Husbola and I have just returned from a special trip to the Andalusia region of southern Spain.  It was exotic, warm, beautifully scented and much of the food was delish.  The focus was on the moorish gardens, and a variety of others including Mannerist style, patio gardens and architect designed gardens.

The tour director Harriet, who we have traveled with before and has become a friend, asked if she could have shipped to our house an antique book she wanted for the trip--as the cost of sending it to her in Prague where she lives was cost prohibitive.  Of course.  We soon found on our doorstep a vintage book of the gardens designed by the famous frenchman Forestier.

This 1920s treasure was filled with diagrams of JCN Forestier gardens throughout Europe.

We toured a couple of gardens near Seville and Cordoba that were designed by Forestier.  Flowers are not the focus--although there is some color with roses.  The real focus is on form and structure and texture and varieties of green.
Check out this chapter title.  How can you not love that title?  Andalusia is very friendly to the orange and we witnessed laden trees of the tart seville oranges and ate our fill of sweet oranges each breakfast.  NEVER have I tasted oranges like that. (sorry California and Florida)

We safely packed this book in our luggage and delivered it to Harriet.  We referred to it as the Gutenberg in both size and weight.  No worries--the void it left was quickly filled with jars of spanish orange marmalade and olive oil for the trip home.

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